Review of Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla cells as in vitro screening model for hair growth

    Alka Madaan, Ritu Verma, Anu Singh, Manu Jaggi
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    TLDR Dermal Papilla cells are a promising tool for evaluating hair growth treatments.
    The document from October 1, 2018, reviewed the use of hair follicle Dermal Papilla cells (DPCs) as an in vitro model for screening potential hair growth modulators. It discussed the effects of various agents on DPCs, including their impact on cell proliferation, apoptosis, and secretion of growth factors. The review highlighted the role of DPCs in hair growth research and their potential in developing new treatments. It also suggested a 3-step strategy for selecting lead candidates for hair growth modulation, which could reduce the use of experimental animals. The document concluded that DPCs are a promising target for hair growth assessment and emphasized their importance in the selection of biomarkers for hair growth studies.
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