A Systematic Summary of Survival and Death Signaling During the Life of Hair Follicle Stem Cells

    August 2021 in “ Stem Cell Research & Therapy
    Xi-Min Hu, Zhi-Xin Li, Dan-Yi Zhang, Yichao Yang, Shenao Fu, Zai-Qiu Zhang, Ronghua Yang, Kun Xiong
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    TLDR The conclusion is that understanding how hair follicle stem cells live or die is important for maintaining healthy tissue and repairing injuries, and could help treat hair loss, but there are still challenges to overcome.
    The document "A systematic summary of survival and death signalling during the life of hair follicle stem cells" provides an in-depth review of the mechanisms that regulate hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs), which are crucial for hair growth and potential therapeutic targets for hair loss. The balance between cell survival and death signals is vital for maintaining the health and function of hair follicles. Various molecular pathways, including the Wnt, Sonic hedgehog, Notch, BMP, and apoptosis pathways, regulate the fate of HFSCs. The Wnt/β-catenin pathway, for instance, initiates HFSCs for hair growth during regeneration. The document also discusses the role of regulated cell death (RCD) in HFSCs, particularly apoptosis, in the progression and regression of each hair cycle and in skin disorders like alopecia. The document concludes that understanding the balance between the survival and death of HFSCs is vital for tissue homeostasis and injury repair, and that the signalling pathways described provide effective therapeutic targets. However, challenges remain, such as determining the mechanistic framework in HFSCs, overcoming the limited efficacy of targeted drugs, and minimizing possible adverse side effects.
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