Wnt-Dependent De Novo Hair Follicle Regeneration in Adult Mouse Skin After Wounding

    May 2007 in “ Nature
    Mayumi Ito, Zaixin Yang, Thomas Andl, Chunhua Cui, Noori Kim, Sarah E. Millar, George Cotsarelis
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    TLDR Hair follicles can regrow in wounded adult mouse skin using a process like embryo development.
    This 2007 study found that hair follicles can be regenerated in adult mice skin after wounding through a process similar to embryonic follicle development. The study suggests that non-hair-follicle bulge cells were the primary source of regenerated follicles, and that Wnt signaling is necessary for hair follicle neogenesis following wounding. The study provides insights into the mechanisms of hair follicle regeneration and could have implications for the treatment of hair loss in humans.
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