Involvement of Follicular Stem Cells in Forming Not Only the Follicle but Also the Epidermis

    August 2000 in “ Cell
    Gina Taylor, Michael S. Lehrer, Pamela J. Jensen, Tung Tien Sun, Robert M. Lavker
    TLDR Hair follicle stem cells can form both hair follicles and skin.
    The study from August 2000 demonstrated that follicular stem cells in the bulge region of hair follicles were bipotent, contributing to both hair follicle and epidermis formation. Using double-labeling techniques, researchers observed that upper follicular keratinocytes migrated into the epidermis in both newborn and adult mice, especially during wound repair. This indicated that hair follicles were a significant source of keratinocyte stem cells, highlighting their role in skin regeneration and the potential origin of certain skin tumors. The findings suggested that these stem cells could be crucial for skin repair and maintenance, with implications for therapeutic applications.
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