Stem Cells from Human Hair Follicles: First Mechanical Isolation for Immediate Autologous Clinical Use in Androgenetic Alopecia and Hair Loss

    June 2017 in “ Stem cell investigation
    Pietro Gentile, Maria Giovanna Scioli, Alessandra Bielli, Augusto Orlandi, Valerio Cervelli
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    TLDR Stem cells from hair follicles can safely treat hair loss.
    This scientific paper discusses a study in which stem cells were isolated from human hair follicles and used for immediate autologous clinical use in patients with androgenetic alopecia and hair loss. The stem cells were collected and mechanically infiltrated into the scalp of the patients, resulting in hair growth in the treated areas compared to the control areas. The study concludes that the use of stem cells from hair follicles is a safe and feasible treatment option for hair loss.
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