Androgenetic alopecia: combing the hair follicle signaling pathways for new therapeutic targets and more effective treatment options

    September 2019 in “Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
    Alain Philippe Vasserot, Mikhail Geyfman, Neil J. Poloso
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    TLDR New treatments for hair loss may target specific pathways and generate new hair follicles.
    This document is a review of potential targets for drug development to treat hair loss in androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The authors explore the signaling pathways involved in hair follicle development and cycling, with a focus on AGA. They suggest targeting BMP antagonism, Wnt antagonists, prostaglandins, and FGF family members as potential approaches for treating AGA. The authors also discuss the potential for hair neogenesis, or the generation of new hair follicles in situ, through injection of relevant morphogenic factors or cell populations. Overall, the document provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of research on androgenetic alopecia and potential therapeutic targets for treatment.
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