Topical Valproic Acid Increases Hair Count in Male Patients with Androgenetic Alopecia: A Randomized, Comparative, Clinical Feasibility Study Using Phototrichogram Analysis

    April 2014 in “ Journal of Dermatology
    Seong Jin Jo, Hyoseung Shin, Youngsoo Park, Seung Woon Paik, Won Soon Park, Yeon Tae Jeong, Hong In Shin, Oh Sang Kwon
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    TLDR Valproic acid increases hair count in men with hair loss.
    A study conducted 9 years ago aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical valproic acid (VPA) in increasing hair count in male patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The study involved a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with 40 male patients with moderate AGA. The hair count increased after 24 weeks of treatment in the VPA group, while the total hair count did not change in the placebo group. The study demonstrated that topical VPA increased the hair count in the patients with AGA, and the adverse events encountered by the VPA and placebo groups were not significantly different. However, a further study with a larger sample size and involving a comparative analysis of various VPA concentrations is necessary to evaluate the effects of topical VPA as a treatment option for AGA.
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