Keratinocyte Growth Inhibition Through the Modification of Wnt Signaling by Androgen in Balding Dermal Papilla Cells

    Tomoko Kitagawa, Ken‐ichi Matsuda, Shigeki Inui, Hideya Takenaka, Norito Katoh, Satoshi Itami, Saburo Kishimoto, Mitsuhiro Kawata
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    TLDR Androgens slow hair growth by altering Wnt signaling in balding cells.
    The study investigated the effect of androgen on Wnt signaling in dermal papilla (DP) cells to understand its role in androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Androgens, which are known to induce AGA, were hypothesized to reduce hair growth by interacting with the Wnt signaling system, which positively affects hair growth. The findings suggested that androgen inhibits keratinocyte growth by modifying Wnt signaling in balding DP cells, providing insight into the molecular mechanisms behind AGA.
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