Study on Hair Follicle Formation Induced by Dermal Papilla Cells

    Wengang Jin
    TLDR Dermal papilla cells can help form hair follicles and produce hair.
    The study investigated the potential of dermal papilla cells to induce hair follicle formation both in vivo and in vitro. Researchers used a combination of dermal papilla cells, dermal sheath fibroblasts, and collagen to create a mesenchymal cell-populated gel, which was then combined with various epithelial cells to form a bilayer artificial skin. When transplanted into the subcutaneous tissue of nude mice, these recombinants successfully reformed bilayer structures similar to natural skin and induced hair follicle formation. The results demonstrated that dermal papilla cells and dermal sheath fibroblasts could interact with hair follicle epithelial cells to form typical hair follicle structures and produce hair fibers, highlighting their potential in hair follicle reformation.
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