Review of hair follicle dermal cells

    January 2010 in “Journal of Dermatological Science
    Chao-Chun Yang, George Cotsarelis
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    TLDR Dermal cells are key in controlling hair growth and could potentially be used in hair loss treatments, but more research is needed to improve hair regeneration methods.
    The 2009 document "Review of hair follicle dermal cells" analyzed the role of dermal cells, specifically dermal papilla cells and dermal sheath cells, in hair follicle formation, growth, and regeneration. The study found that these cells are crucial in regulating hair follicle growth and cycling, and can be used in hair reconstitution experiments and potentially in treatments for hair loss. The document also discussed the limitations of in vivo and in vitro models used for hair regeneration studies, such as low efficiency and the need for large numbers of cells to regenerate a single hair follicle. The review highlighted the importance of further research to improve the efficiency of hair regeneration models and to better understand the role of dermal cells in hair growth and regeneration. The document also referenced studies showing that cultured human and rat tooth papilla cells induced hair follicle regeneration and fiber growth.
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