Modulation of Hair Growth Promoting Effect by Natural Products

    December 2021 in “ Pharmaceutics
    Seyeon Park, Joomin Lee
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    TLDR Natural products like plant extracts can help promote hair growth and could be used to treat hair loss.
    The review "Modulation of Hair Growth Promoting Effect by Natural Products" discusses the potential of natural products as alternatives to drug-based therapies for treating alopecia or hair loss. It highlights that natural products, such as plant extracts, have been used since ancient times and are generally safe with few side effects. The document focuses on the anti-alopecia effects of plant-derived biochemicals, as demonstrated by various clinical, animal, and cell-based studies. These natural products promote hair growth by modulating the expression of growth factors, cytokines, and Wnt/β-catenin signaling. The review provides a database of phytochemicals for hair-growth-promoting effects, which could serve as a basis for developing more effective therapeutic agents for the treatment of alopecia.
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