Minoxidil Use in Dermatology, Side Effects, and Recent Patents

    Alfredo De Rossi, Carmen Cantisani, Luca Melis, Alessandra J. Iorio, Elisabetta Scali, Stefano Calvieri
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    TLDR Minoxidil treats hair loss, promotes growth, has side effects, and has recent patents.
    This document discusses the use of minoxidil in dermatology, including its side effects and recent patents. Minoxidil is a medication used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. It is now used topically in a 2% concentration for female androgenic alopecia and 5% for male androgenic alopecia. The mechanism by which it promotes hair growth is not fully understood, but it is believed to widen blood vessels and open potassium channels, allowing more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the follicle. Side effects are common, including irritant and allergic contact dermatitis on the scalp, and increased hair loss due to synchronization of the hair cycle. The article also mentions recent patents related to the use of minoxidil in combination with other medications for hair growth and the use of potassium channel openers for hair growth.
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