Alopecia Areata: Evidence-Based Treatments

    Seema Garg, A.G. Messenger
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    TLDR Alopecia areata can cause unpredictable hair loss, and treatments like corticosteroids and minoxidil may help but have varying side effects.
    Alopecia areata is a condition causing nonscarring hair loss that can be patchy or affect the entire scalp or body. While some patients recover spontaneously, others may experience recurrent relapses or persistent hair loss, leading to significant psychological distress. Effective management includes counseling about the condition's unpredictable nature and available treatments, which have varying side effects. Common treatments reviewed include corticosteroids, topical sensitizers, PUVA, minoxidil, and dithranol, though data on their long-term efficacy and impact on quality of life were limited.
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