Monilethrix Treated with Minoxidil

    A. M. Rossi, Alberto Orso Maria Iorio, Elisabetta Scali, Maria Caterina Fortuna, E. Mari, Enzo Palese, Pantaleo Greco, Marta Carlesimo
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    TLDR Minoxidil 2% effectively treats Monilethrix without side effects.
    This study reports on the treatment of four patients with Monilethrix, a rare hair disorder, using topical minoxidil 2% for one year. The treatment led to an increase in normal hair shaft without any side effects in all patients, suggesting that topical minoxidil 2% could be considered a good therapy to treat Monilethrix. The study also provides clinical observations and videodermatoscopic and ultrastructural features of Monilethrix, as well as a discussion on the etiopathogenesis of the disorder and the action mechanism of minoxidil. The authors suggest that topical minoxidil could be a good alternative to stabilize and support the disease without having any side effects.
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      Topical Minoxidil in Monilethrix

      research Topical Minoxidil in Monilethrix

       13 citations,  January 1991 in “Dermatology”
      Minoxidil helps hair growth in people with monilethrix without side effects.