Female Androgenetic Alopecia: An Update on Diagnosis and Management

    Michela Starace, Gloria Orlando, Aurora Alessandrini, Bianca Maria Piraccini
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    TLDR FAGA diagnosis uses blood tests and trichoscopy, with treatments like topical minoxidil, oral anti-androgens, and hormone-modulating drugs.
    This document provides an update on the diagnosis and management of female androgenetic alopecia (FAGA). The diagnosis of FAGA is usually made clinically, but blood examination is important to assess any associated diseases and trichoscopy is useful to follow up the patient. The most important drugs are topical minoxidil and oral anti-androgens. The document discusses various treatments, including topical and oral minoxidil, hormone-modulating treatments such as antiandrogen receptor antagonists and real antiandrogens, and inhibitors such as finasteride and dutasteride. The document notes that while some studies have shown effectiveness of these treatments, others have not, and more research is needed. The document also highlights potential side effects and contraindications for each treatment.
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