Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Pilot Study Investigating Combination Therapy with Low-Dose Oral Minoxidil and Spironolactone

    Rodney Sinclair
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    TLDR Low-dose oral minoxidil and spironolactone combo effectively reduces hair loss and improves hair density in women.
    This document is a pilot study investigating the effectiveness and safety of a combination therapy of low-dose oral minoxidil and spironolactone in treating female pattern hair loss (FPHL). The study included 100 women with FPHL who were treated with a once daily capsule containing minoxidil 0.25 mg and spironolactone 25 mg for 12 months. The results showed that the combination therapy was effective in reducing hair shedding and improving hair density, with mild side effects observed in some patients. The study suggests that the combination therapy may be a safe and useful treatment option for FPHL.
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