Reversal of Androgenetic Alopecia by Topical Ketoconazole: Relevance of Anti-Androgenic Activity

    January 2007 in “ Journal of Dermatological Science
    Shigeki Inui, Satoshi Itami
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    TLDR Ketoconazole lotion can improve hair regrowth for some people with androgenetic alopecia.
    This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of topical ketoconazole (KCZ) in treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Six Japanese males with AGA were enrolled and applied KCZ lotion almost every day during or immediately after hair washing. After 6-10 months, two of the men showed significant improvement in hair regrowth, suggesting that KCZ is effective for some individuals with AGA. To explain this effect, transient transfection assays using CV-1 cells transfected with androgen receptors (AR) suggested that KCZ suppresses AR activity which could improve AGA.
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