Finasteride and Androgenic Alopecia: From Therapeutic Options to Medical Implications

    Ion G. Motofei, David L. Rowland, Mircea Tampa, Maria Isabela Sarbu, Mădălina Irina Mitran, Cristina Iulia Mitran, Anca Pantea Stoian, Camelia Cristina Diaconu, Stana Paunica, Simona Roxana Georgescu
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    TLDR Finasteride can treat hair loss, but may have side effects; evaluate and inform patients of risks.
    This article discusses the use of finasteride as a therapeutic option for androgenic alopecia (AGA), a condition with varying psycho-social implications. While some studies show finasteride to be safe with minimal side effects, others are more cautious and suggest that it may result in side effects with greater frequency and severity, including post-finasteride syndrome. The article suggests that further investigation is needed to understand the factors that contribute to finasteride inconsistency and side effects, and to categorize subjects into distinct subgroups based on their predisposition to adverse reactions. Overall, while finasteride can be an effective treatment for AGA, patients should be carefully evaluated and informed of potential risks before starting therapy.
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