Finasteride 5mg and Sexual Side Effects: How Many Are Related to a Nocebo Phenomenon?

    November 2007 in “ The Journal of Sexual Medicine
    Nicola Mondaini, Paolo Gontero, Gianluca Giubilei, Giuseppe Lombardi, T. Tony Cai, Andrea Gavazzi, Riccardo Bartoletti
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    TLDR Knowing about finasteride's sexual side effects increases reported dysfunction.
    The study aimed to determine whether the sexual side effects of finasteride, a drug used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and androgenetic alopecia, are related to a nocebo effect. The study found that patients who were informed of the drug's sexual side effects reported a significantly higher proportion of sexual dysfunction compared to those who were not informed. The study suggests that the nocebo effect should be taken into account when managing finasteride sexual side effects.
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