Nitric oxide synergizes minoxidil delivered by transdermal hyaluronic acid liposomes for multimodal androgenetic-alopecia therapy

    February 2024 in “Bioactive Materials
    Hui Xing, Huanqi Peng, Yuhui Yang, Kai Lv, Shihao Zhou, Xiangjun Pan, Jianjin Wang, Hu Y, Guowei Li, Dong Ma
    TLDR The new hair loss treatment combining nitric oxide and minoxidil in a special carrier is effective for hair regrowth.
    The document presents a study on a new treatment for androgenetic alopecia (AGA), a common form of hair loss affecting over 200 million people globally each year. The treatment uses a hyaluronic acid liposome (HL) complex to deliver nitric oxide (NO) and minoxidil (Mi), a common AGA treatment. The study found that NO promotes capillary dilation and blood flow, allowing efficient penetration of Mi. The liposome structure also prolongs Mi's residence time in the skin. The HL@Mi/NONOate complex promotes cell proliferation and angiogenesis, upregulates factors involved in follicle stem cell differentiation, and down-regulates inflammatory factors, improving the hair regrowth microenvironment. It also upregulates the expression of Ki67 and PCNA proteins in follicle tissues, inducing follicle regeneration and development. The study concludes that the HL@Mi/NONOate complex could be an effective treatment for AGA.
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