Minoxidil-Loaded Hyaluronic Acid Dissolving Microneedles to Alleviate Hair Loss in an Alopecia Animal Model

    February 2022 in “ Acta Biomaterialia
    Eun Kyung Kim, Keum-Yong Seong, Da Sol Kim, Jea Sic Jeong, So Young Kim, Seungsoo Lee, Seung Hwan Yang, Geun-Shik Lee
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    TLDR Minoxidil-loaded hyaluronic acid microneedles can effectively increase hair growth and could be a promising treatment for hair loss.
    The study investigated the use of minoxidil-loaded hyaluronic acid dissolving microneedles (HA-MNs) to alleviate hair loss in an alopecia animal model. The researchers found that HA-MNs increased hair density, hair follicle lengths, and dermal thickness in the alopecia-induced mice. HA provided a better environment for cell-cell adhesion and cellular functions, such as hair dermal papilla (HDP) cell proliferation, migration, and aggregation. The HA-MNs containing minoxidil were the most effective for hair growth. This study suggests that HA-MNs could be a promising treatment for hair loss.
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