Whole Hair Follicle Culture

    October 1996 in “ Dermatologic clinics
    Michael P. Philpott, Deborah A. Sanders, Terence Kealey
    TLDR HA-MNs with MXD effectively treat hair loss better than topical MXD with fewer side effects.
    The study explored a novel approach to treating alopecia using microneedles (MNs) made from hyaluronic acid (HA) to deliver minoxidil (MXD). HA was found to enhance the proliferation, migration, and aggregation of hair dermal papilla (HDP) cells, which are crucial for hair follicle development. In chemotherapy-induced alopecia mice, HA-MNs containing MXD significantly reduced hair loss and promoted hair growth more effectively than topical MXD, despite containing only 10% of the MXD amount. This method maximized therapeutic effects while minimizing side effects, demonstrating the potential of HA-MNs as a promising treatment for alopecia.
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