Treating Resistant Cases of Alopecia Universalis

    Shadi Khawadeh
    TLDR Combining platelet-rich plasma therapy with prostaglandin-F eye drops can significantly regrow hair in alopecia universalis.
    In the document, the author discusses the treatment of alopecia universalis, a severe form of hair loss, by combining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy with prostaglandin-F eye drops, which are typically used as anti-glaucoma medication and have the side effect of promoting hair growth. The study involved an 18-year-old female patient with an 8-year history of alopecia universalis who had not responded to any other treatments. After six sessions of the combined PRP and eye drop treatment, significant hair regrowth was observed, which was documented with photographs. The treatment was also found to be safe, with no systemic side effects except for some abdominal cramps. Encouraged by these results, the treatment was also applied to cases of androgenic alopecia, where it showed superior outcomes compared to PRP alone.
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