Signaling Involved in Hair Follicle Morphogenesis and Development

    Rishikaysh Pisal, Kapil Dev, Daniel C. Diaz, Wasay Mohiuddin Shaikh Qureshi, Stanislav Filip, Jaroslav Mokry
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    TLDR The conclusion is that proper signaling is crucial for hair growth and development, and errors can lead to cancer or hair loss.
    The 2014 document reviews the complex signaling pathways involved in hair follicle morphogenesis and development, particularly focusing on Wnt, Shh, Notch, and BMP pathways. It emphasizes the critical role of Wnt signaling in hair follicle induction and the maintenance of stem cell reservoirs, with dysregulation potentially leading to epithelial cancers. The review also discusses the importance of crosstalk between epithelial and mesenchymal cells, the role of primary cilia in signal transduction, and the influence of factors like estrogen on the hair cycle phases. Additionally, it touches on the significance of BMP signaling in maintaining HF stem cell quiescence and the roles of various signaling molecules in HF differentiation and maintenance. The document also addresses the implications of signaling pathway mutations in hair disorders like alopecia and the potential for stem cell-based therapies, while noting the risk of carcinogenesis with current treatments. The need for further research is highlighted to better understand and apply these findings to hair follicle-related abnormalities.
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