What’s New in Hair Loss

    April 2019 in “ Dermatologic Clinics
    Leopoldo Duailibe Nogueira Santos, Jerry Shapiro
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    TLDR New treatments for hair loss show promise, but require more research on long-term effects and proper dosing.
    In 2019, the number of patients with frontal fibrosing alopecia had significantly increased. New drugs, such as retinoids, were being explored to halt hair loss progression. Alopecia areata was recognized as significantly impacting patient quality of life, with no FDA-approved treatment at the time. However, Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors showed promising results in treating alopecia areata. The side-effect profile of 5α-reductase was a concern for many patients. A study by Rakowska and colleagues found that hair loss progression was halted in 76% of patients using low-dose isotretinoin, 73% in the low-dose acitretin group, and 43% in the finasteride group. Despite these promising treatments, the long-term side effect profile, efficacy, initial regimen treatment, and maintenance dose still needed further evaluation.
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