Dermal PapillaCell-Derived Exosomes Regulate Hair Follicle Stem Cell Proliferation via LEF1

    TLDR Exosomes from skin cells can boost hair growth by stimulating a gene called LEF1.
    The study investigated the role of exosomes derived from dermal papilla cells (DPC-Exos) in hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) proliferation. It was found that DPC-Exos increased cell viability and reduced apoptosis in HFSCs. RNA sequencing identified 3702 differentially expressed genes in DPC-Exos-treated HFSCs, including LEF1, a gene associated with hair follicle development. Overexpression of LEF1 increased the expression of hair follicle development-related genes and proteins, enhanced HFSC proliferation, and reduced HFSC apoptosis. Conversely, knockdown of LEF1 reversed these effects. The study concluded that DPC-Exos can regulate HFSC proliferation by stimulating LEF1, providing new insights into hair follicle growth and development regulatory mechanisms.
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