Safflower Oil Body Nanoparticles Deliver hFGF10 to Hair Follicles and Reduce Microinflammation to Accelerate Hair Regeneration in Androgenetic Alopecia

    Jie Kong, Weidong Qiang, Jing-Yi Jiang, Xingli Hu, Yining Chen, Yong-Xin Guo, Hongxiang Liu, Si-Ming Sun, Hongtao Gao, Yuqing Zhang, Yang Gao, Xiuming Liu, Xin Liu, Haiyan Li
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    TLDR Safflower oil nanoparticles can deliver hFGF10 to hair follicles, reduce inflammation, and potentially speed up hair growth in conditions causing hair loss.
    This study investigated the potential use of safflower oil body nanoparticles (SOB) to deliver hFGF10 to hair follicles and reduce microinflammation in androgenetic alopecia (AGA). AGA is a condition that causes hair loss and affects physical and mental health. The researchers found that SOB-hFGF10, a fusion of hFGF10 protein and SOB, had a smaller particle size and improved absorption efficiency compared to traditional drugs like minoxidil. SOB-hFGF10 showed anti-inflammatory effects and had the potential to be an effective treatment for AGA. This research provides a natural and safe drug delivery system for AGA treatment.
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