A Therapeutic Microneedle Patch Made from Hair-Derived Keratin for Promoting Hair Regrowth

    April 2019 in “ ACS nano
    Guang Yang, Qian Chen, Di Wen, Zhaowei Chen, Jinqiang Wang, Guojun Chen, Zejun Wang, Xudong Zhang, Yuqi Zhang, Quanyin Hu, Liang Zhang, Zhen Gu
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    TLDR A new microneedle patch made from hair proteins helps regrow hair faster and better than current treatments.
    The study developed a microneedle patch made from hair-derived keratin to promote hair regrowth by delivering exosomes and the drug UK5099 directly to hair follicles. In a mouse model, this method showed superior efficacy, faster hair cycle activation, and higher hair density and thickness compared to conventional treatments. The microneedle system was biocompatible, minimally invasive, and provided visible results within 6 days, offering a promising strategy for hair loss therapy.
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