Morphogenesis and Renewal of Hair Follicles from Adult Multipotent Stem Cells

    January 2001 in “ Cell
    Hideo Oshima, Ariane Rochat, Cécile Kedzia, Koichi Kobayashi, Yann Barrandon
    TLDR Adult mouse skin contains stem cells that can create new hair, skin, and oil glands.
    The study demonstrated that adult multipotent stem cells in the upper region of the outer root sheath of vibrissal follicles in mice could generate all epithelial lineages of hairy skin and migrate to the follicle root to produce whisker growth. It highlighted the importance of precise control of stem cell trafficking for hair growth and suggested that mechanisms involved in hair cycle renewal might replicate embryonic morphogenetic events. The research also pointed to the potential of these stem cells in contributing to epidermal regeneration, particularly in wound healing scenarios. The study involved 75 chimeric follicles and confirmed the essential role of these stem cells in hair follicle morphogenesis and renewal.
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