Ginseng in Hair Growth and Viability

    July 2021 in “IntechOpen eBooks
    TLDR Ginseng, especially its component ginsenosides, can promote hair growth, reduce hair loss, and potentially treat conditions like alopecia by affecting cell pathways and cytokines.
    The document "Ginseng in Hair Growth and Viability" discusses the potential of ginseng, particularly Panax ginseng, in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Ginseng contains bioactive constituents, especially ginsenosides, which enhance the proliferation of dermal papilla and prevent hair loss by modulating various cell-signaling pathways. Ginsenosides also inhibit UVB-induced activation of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP2), suggesting potential in hair-growth regulation. Ginseng extracts can attenuate radiation-induced cell death in the skin, improving hair growth. Ginseng also has potential in treating androgenic alopecia and chemotherapy-induced alopecia. Red ginseng extract can delay the catagen phase (hair follicle regression phase) and promote hair growth by inhibiting the TGF-β pathway. Topical administration of ginsenoside Re significantly increased hair-shaft length and hair existent time in mice. Ginsenoside F2 is also mentioned as a potential new therapeutic compound for hair growth. The document concludes by discussing the role of cytokines in hair follicle development and how ginsenosides can regulate IL-17 secretion, which may enhance hair growth in alopecia areata.
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