Multi-Therapies in Androgenetic Alopecia: Review and Clinical Experiences

    July 2016 in “ Dermatologic Therapy
    Alfredo De Rossi, Alessia Anzalone, Maria Caterina Fortuna, Gemma Caro, Valentina Garelli, Giulia Pranteda, Marta Carlesimo
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    TLDR Multiple treatments work best for hair loss.
    This article from 2016 reviews various therapies for androgenetic alopecia (AGA), including topical and oral medications, as well as surgical options such as hair transplantation. The authors emphasize the importance of a multi-therapeutic approach to treating AGA, targeting different aspects of the condition such as excessive sensitivity to androgens, microinflammation, and dysregulation of prostaglandins. The article also mentions the potential use of adipose-derived stem cells and platelet-rich plasma injections to encourage hair growth. The authors conclude that a better understanding of the molecular genetic etiology and pathophysiological aspects of AGA will lead to more personalized and targeted treatment options in the future.
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