The Role of Platelet Plasma Growth Factors in Male Pattern Baldness Surgery

    Carlos Oscar Uebel, Jefferson Braga da Silva, D Cantarelli, Pedro Djacir Escobar Martins
    TLDR Using platelet plasma growth factors in baldness surgery can increase the number of hair follicles.
    The study investigated the use of platelet plasma growth factors from autologous plasma to improve hair density in male pattern baldness surgery. Conducted on 20 patients, the results showed a significant increase in follicular unit yield in treated areas compared to control areas (18.7 vs. 16.4 units per cm², p < 0.001), representing a 15.1% increase in density. Individual patient responses varied from a 3% to 52% increase. The findings suggested that this technique could enhance baldness surgery outcomes with minimal morbidity and a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio, though further research was recommended to optimize the method and evaluation processes.
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