Aging of Hair Follicle Stem Cells and Their Niches

    Hansaem Jang, Yemin Jo, Jung Hyun Lee, Sekyu Choi
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    TLDR Aging changes hair stem cells and their environment, leading to gray hair and hair thinning, but understanding these changes could help develop treatments for hair regeneration.
    The document discusses the aging process of hair follicle stem cells and their niches, which are influenced by factors such as Wnt signaling, BMP signaling, and the presence of adipocytes. Aging leads to changes in these factors, resulting in stem cell aging and hair graying. The aging skin microenvironment also affects stem cell behavior, and hair shaft miniaturization can cause stem cell depletion through a Piezo1-calcium-TNF-alpha axis. Various studies are mentioned, including those that found rejuvenation of aging hair follicles through transplantation to a young subcutaneous environment, activation of quiescent hair follicle stem cells for hair growth, and the role of dermal white adipose tissue in modulating hair follicle development during aging. The document suggests that understanding these processes could lead to therapeutic targeting of niche dysfunction for hair regeneration.
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