Human Hair Outer Root Sheath Cells and Platelet-Lysis Exosomes Promote Hair Inductivity of Dermal Papilla Cell

    Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh, Nasser Aghdami, Ehsan Taghiabadi
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    TLDR HHORSC exosomes and PL improve hair growth treatment outcomes.
    This document summarizes a study on the use of human hair outer root sheath cells (HHORSC) and platelet-lysis exosomes (PL) to promote hair growth. The study found that HHORSC exosomes can be used to support hair inductivity of dermal papilla cells and improve the outcome for the treatment of hair loss. The study used healthy human hair samples and described the procedures of isolating and cultivating the cells. The results showed that HHORSC and PL can promote hair inductivity of hDPCs, suggesting their potential use in hair growth treatments. The study provides detailed protocols for the isolation and identification of exosomes derived from HHORSC and PL.
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