Hair: What is New in Diagnosis and Management?

    January 2013 in “Dermatologic Clinics
    Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska, Wilma F. Bergfeld
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    TLDR Female pattern hair loss diagnosed by scalp appearance, treated with combined therapies and targeted approaches.
    This document from 10 years ago discusses the diagnosis and management of female pattern hair loss (FPHL), which is the most common cause of hair loss in women. The diagnosis of FPHL is made clinically based on the appearance of the scalp, and biopsies are reserved only for situations when the diagnosis is uncertain. Treatment options for FPHL include antiandrogen therapies, 5-a reductase inhibitors, and minoxidil. Combination therapies tend to be more effective than single products. The document also explores various treatments, including low-level laser therapy, high-energy lasers, and adjuvant therapies such as biotin and caffeine. The authors suggest that FPHL may encompass different subtypes based on underlying cause, which can be treated with a better-targeted approach.
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