Efficacy of topical tofacitinib in promoting hair growth in non-scarring alopecia: possible mechanism via VEGF induction

    September 2017 in “ Archives of Dermatological Research
    Jitlada Meephansan, J. Thummakriengkrai, Saranyoo Ponnikorn, Werayut Yingmema, Raksawan Deenonpoe, Poonkiat Suchonwanit
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    TLDR Topical tofacitinib may grow hair better than minoxidil by increasing VEGF and reducing inflammation.
    In a study from September 7, 2017, researchers found that topical tofacitinib, a JAK3 inhibitor, was effective in promoting hair growth in non-scarring alopecia in male C57BL/6 mice. The study involved 28 mice divided into four groups, each treated with tofacitinib, minoxidil, or a control vehicle daily for 21 days. Tofacitinib-treated mice exhibited significantly more and faster hair regrowth compared to those treated with minoxidil or control, with regrowth starting as early as day 7. Histological analysis showed an increased number of hair follicles in the anagen phase and higher VEGF mRNA and protein expression levels in the tofacitinib group, suggesting a mechanism involving VEGF induction and reduced inflammation. The study concluded that tofacitinib could be a more effective treatment for hair growth than minoxidil, warranting further investigation into its long-term effects and safety.
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