A Scoping Review of Pharmacotherapy, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine, and Surgical Therapies for Androgenic Alopecia

    June 2021 in “ Current Dermatology Reports
    Colby L. Presley, Tesia C. Kolodziejczyk, Kayd J. Pulsipher, Jalal Maghfour, Michelle Militello, Hope R Rietcheck, Allene Fonseca, Temitope J. Olayinka, Chandler W Rundle, Jacquelyn D Waller, Robert P. Dellavalle
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    TLDR Various treatments help hair growth, but more research needed for safety and effectiveness.
    This document is a compilation of summaries and reviews of various treatments for androgenic alopecia, including pharmacotherapy, complementary and alternative medicine, and surgical therapies. The reviews suggest that while FDA-approved treatments like finasteride and minoxidil are effective, there is limited evidence supporting the effectiveness of alternative therapies. Some natural compounds like amino acids, marine extracts, and polyphenols may promote hair growth, but more research is needed to confirm their efficacy and safety. Platelet-rich plasma injections and hair transplantation surgery are effective treatments, but carry risks. Overall, more research is needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of these treatments.
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