Polygonum multiflorum extract support hair growth by elongating anagen phase and abrogating the effect of androgen in cultured human dermal papilla cells

    Jae Young Shin, Yun Ho Choi, Jaeyoon Kim, Se Young Park, You Jin Nam, So Young Lee, Jeong Hoon Jeon, Mu Hyun Jin, Sang Hwa Lee
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    TLDR Polygonum multiflorum extract helps hair grow longer and fights the effects of hormones that cause hair loss.
    In 2020, a study found that Polygonum multiflorum extract (PM extract) could promote hair growth and potentially prevent hair loss. The extract increased cell viability and mitochondrial activity in cultured human dermal papilla cells (DPCs), decreased the expression of DKK-1 (a protein that induces the regression phase in hair follicles), and increased the expression of Bcl2 (a protein that promotes cell survival). It also increased the expression of growth factors essential for hair growth. The extract extended the anagen (growth) phase and delayed the catagen (regression) phase in a dose-dependent manner. The study suggested that PM extract could potentially be used in treatments for conditions like androgenetic alopecia, a common form of hair loss. However, the number of people or samples involved in the study was not provided.
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