Epidermal stem cells and skin tissue engineering in hair follicle regeneration

    May 2015 in “World Journal of Stem Cells
    María Eugenia Balañá, Hernán Charreau, Gustavo José Leirós
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    TLDR Hair follicle regeneration needs special conditions and young cells.
    This document is a collection of articles and reviews related to hair follicle regeneration and tissue engineering. The articles discuss the challenges of regenerating hair follicles from dissociated cells, the role of epidermal stem cells in hair follicle regeneration, and the potential for using stem cells in skin tissue engineering for hair follicle regeneration. The authors explore different methods of culturing dermal mesenchymal cells in 3D conditions, such as the hanging drop method and the organotypic method. They also discuss the use of composite skin substitutes and the importance of special culture conditions to recreate the normal or embryonic skin environment. The authors conclude that hair follicle neogenesis using human cells is a challenging task that requires the use of embryonic or neonatal cells and special culture conditions.
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