Traditional Chinese Medicine Shi-Bi-Man Regulates Lactic Acid Metabolism and Drives Hair Follicle Stem Cell Activation to Promote Hair Regeneration

    July 2023 in “ Chinese Medicine
    Haojie Du, Tao Zhang, Qiao Wang, Xinran Cao, Huiwen Zheng, Jiabin Li, Jianxia Zhu, Jiao Qu, Le-Hang Guo, Yang Sun
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    TLDR Shi-Bi-Man, a Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps grow hair by boosting lactic acid metabolism and activating hair follicle stem cells.
    The study involved 6 cynomolgus monkeys and investigated the effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shi-Bi-Man (SBM) on hair regeneration. Results showed that SBM significantly promoted hair regeneration and increased the number of hair follicles. Single-cell RNA sequencing revealed an increase in hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) and higher expression of activation marker LDHA and proliferation marker MKI67. The study concluded that SBM promotes hair regeneration by up-regulating LDHA-mediated lactic acid metabolism and driving HFSC activation, which in turn promotes the proliferation and differentiation of HFSCs. Additionally, SBM was found to enhance the interaction between HFSCs and various cell types, particularly through the laminin pathway, and increase the mRNA expressions of WNT5A and CTNNB1 in skin tissue, indicating its potential regulatory role in the WNT pathway.
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