Synthesized Ceramide Induces Growth of Dermal Papilla Cells with Potential Contribution to Hair Growth

    Jee Hye Oh, Kwan Jeong, Jung Eun Kim, Hoon Kang
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    TLDR Synthetic ceramides may help hair growth by boosting cell growth in hair follicles.
    The study investigated the effects of synthetic ceramides (oleyl and stearyl ceramides) on human dermal papilla cells (hDPCs), which are crucial for hair growth. The results showed that ceramide treatment increased cell viability and the expression of proteins related to cell proliferation, such as Bcl-2, BAX, phosphorylated-ERK, and Cyclin D1. Additionally, ceramides enhanced the expression of several growth factors, including those from the epidermal growth factor family, and promoted Wnt/β-catenin and BMP2/4 signaling pathways. These findings suggested that synthetic ceramides could stimulate hair growth by inducing the proliferation of hDPCs through these signaling pathways.
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