Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Alopecia Areata: A Review

    Hind M. Almohanna, Azhar Ahmed, Jacob Griggs, Antonella Tosti
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    TLDR Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) could potentially help regrow hair in people with Alopecia Areata, but more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.
    The document reviews the potential use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) as a treatment for Alopecia Areata (AA), an autoimmune condition causing hair loss. PRP, which contains growth factors and cytokines, may enhance the body's ability to repair and regenerate hair follicles. Several case studies and reports suggest that PRP can promote hair regrowth in AA patients, but the results are inconsistent. For instance, one study involving 20 patients showed good hair regrowth, while a case series of nine patients with chronic AA showed limited effectiveness. The document concludes that while PRP is generally safe and potentially effective, there is no standardized protocol for its use, and further large-scale studies are needed to evaluate its efficacy compared to current treatments for AA.
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