Connarus Semidecandrus Jack Exerts Anti-Alopecia Effects by Targeting 5α-Reductase Activity and an Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway

    June 2022 in “ Molecules
    Won Young Jang, Dong Seon Kim, Sang Hee Park, Ji Hye Yoon, Chae Yun Shin, Lei Huang, Ket Nang, Masphal Kry, Hye-Woo Byun, Byoung-Hee Lee, Sarah Lee, Jongsung Lee, Jae Youl Cho
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    TLDR Connarus semidecandrus Jack extract promotes hair growth and thickness, reduces prostate cancer cell growth, and could potentially be used as a treatment for hair loss.
    The study investigated the anti-alopecia effects of Connarus semidecandrus Jack ethanol extract (Cs-EE), a plant traditionally used for fever relief. The research showed that Cs-EE promoted hair growth and thickness in a testosterone-induced androgenic alopecia mouse model by reducing 5α-reductase activity and androgen receptor protein levels, and inhibiting programmed cell death. Cs-EE also suppressed prostate cancer cell proliferation and stimulated human hair-follicle dermal papilla cell proliferation. The study concludes that Cs-EE could potentially be used as a treatment for androgenic alopecia by regulating the androgenic or apoptotic axis.
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