Antioxidant Properties of Platycladus Orientalis Flavonoids for Treating UV-Induced Damage in Androgenetic Alopecia Hair

    Chuntao Xu, Jing Dai, Weian Du, Hongbing Ji
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    TLDR Platycladus orientalis flavonoids protect balding hair from UV damage and slow hair color change.
    The study investigates the antioxidant properties of Platycladus orientalis flavonoids (POFs) in treating UV-induced damage in androgenetic alopecia (AGA) hair. Results show that POFs significantly reduce oxidative damage, including a 59.72% decrease in peroxidized lipids, 191.1 μg/g reduction in protein loss, and 15.03% decrease in tryptophan loss, thereby enhancing hair tensile strength. POFs also mitigate hair color fading and outperform vitamin E in protecting against UV damage. The study involved 20 male AGA patients aged 38-42 and concludes that POFs offer a potential therapeutic approach for improving hair quality in AGA by reducing oxidative stress and promoting hair growth.
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