Comparison of Quality Performance of Human Hair Types with Herbal Oils by Analysis Techniques

    February 2023 in “ ACS omega
    Ecem Demir, Nil Acaralı
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    TLDR Grape seed oil improved hair quality the most, followed by rosehip and safflower seed oils, and reduced damage from shampoo.
    The study investigated the effects of grape seed, safflower seed, and rosehip oils on three types of human hair: natural, worn, and dyed. The oils were applied to the hair samples and left for 12 hours, with the process repeated 10 times. The hair samples were then subjected to various tests including stress-strain tests, gloss measurements, color measurements, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analysis. The results showed that the herbal oils had a positive effect on the hair's color, shine, stretching, elongation, and breaking properties. Grape seed oil had the most positive effect, followed by rosehip oil and safflower seed oil. The study also found that shampoo had a negative effect on the hair samples, with the herbal oils shown to reduce the debilitating effect of shampoo. The study confirmed the usability of these herbal oils for different hair types, suggesting that grape seed oil could be widely used in the cosmetic industry.
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