Hair regrowth boosting via minoxidil cubosomes: Formulation development, in vivo hair regrowth evaluation, histopathological examination and confocal laser microscopy imaging

    Amal Makhlouf, Tayseer Elnawawy
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    TLDR A new version of minoxidil, a hair loss treatment, was made using nanotechnology. This version, called minoxidil cubosomes, works better and causes fewer skin reactions than the old version. It also penetrates and stays in the skin better, promoting hair regrowth. It's safe and could be a good alternative to current treatments.
    The study developed a new formulation of minoxidil, a treatment for hair loss, using nanotechnology. The optimized formulation, called minoxidil cubosomes (MXD-CUB), showed improved effectiveness and reduced skin reactions compared to traditional minoxidil solutions. In an in vivo study, the MXD-CUB formulation demonstrated a hair regrowth boosting effect, with better penetration and retention in the skin. The formulation was found to be safe and effective, suggesting it could be a promising alternative to current commercial formulations.
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