Incorporation Of Finasteride-Loaded Microspheres Into Personalized Microneedle For Sustained Transdermal Delivery

    May 2024 in “Langmuir
    Wen Hong Luo, Xingui Zhang, Yingying Chu, Tiantian Chen, Huixuan Sun, Jiadong Liu, Guoxing Zhang, Lihong Fan, Haixing Xu, Yue Zhang, Ming Yang
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    TLDR The new microneedle system safely delivers finasteride through the skin to treat hair loss.
    This study developed a personalized microneedle (PMN) system incorporating finasteride-loaded microspheres (MPs) for the sustained transdermal delivery of finasteride (FNS) to treat androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The PMN, made with high-strength hyaluronic acid and methacrylate gelatin, adapts to irregular skin surfaces and reduces potential side effects associated with oral FNS tablets. The microneedles, approximately 600 μm in length, effectively penetrate the skin's stratum corneum, ensuring sustained and regulated drug release. The cytotoxicity assay confirmed good cytocompatibility, highlighting the potential of this delivery method for other drugs and medical applications.
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