Establishment of an Efficient Primary Culture System for Human Hair Follicle Stem Cells Using the Rho-Associated Protein Kinase Inhibitor Y-27632

    Lihong Wen, Yong Miao, Zhexiang Fan, Jiarui Zhang, Yixuan Guo, Damao Dai, Junfei Huang, Zhen Liu, Ruosi Chen
    TLDR A new method using Y-27632 improves the growth and quality of human hair follicle stem cells for tissue engineering and therapy.
    Three years ago, a study was conducted to establish an efficient primary culture system for human hair follicle stem cells (hHFSCs) using the Rho-Associated Protein Kinase Inhibitor Y-27632. The researchers found that Y-27632 significantly improved the efficiency of primary culture of hHFSCs, promoting their adhesion, proliferation, and stemness. The effects of Y-27632 were conditional and reversible, and it maintained hHFSC propagation and stemness through the ERK/MAPK pathway. The study concluded that this method could aid in obtaining an increased number of high-quality seed cells for applications in hair follicle tissue engineering and stem cell therapy.
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