Hair Thickness Growth Effect of Adenosine Complex in Male and Female Patterned Hair Loss via Inhibition of Androgen Receptor Signaling

    Jaeyoon Kim, Jae Young Shin, Yun Ho Choi, Jang Ho Joo, Mi Hee Kwack, Young Kwan Sung, Nae Gyu Kang
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    TLDR Adenosine complex helps increase hair thickness and density in hair loss.
    The study examined the effects of an adenosine complex (0.75% adenosine, 1% panthenol, and 2% niacinamide; APN) on hair growth in individuals with male- and female-patterned hair loss. Adenosine was found to inhibit androgen receptor signaling, elongate the anagen stage of hair follicles, and increase mitochondrial activity in dermal papilla cells. In a 4-month study involving 271 Korean participants, both APN and 5% minoxidil (MNX) significantly increased hair density and thickness, with APN showing a +10.32% increase in hair thickness. The results suggest that adenosine's anti-androgenic effects and its impact on hair thickness distribution could offer new treatment approaches for androgenetic alopecia.
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