The efficacy of topical prostaglandin analogs for hair loss: A systematic review and meta-analysis

    March 2023 in “Frontiers in Medicine
    Shangxuan Jiang, Zhuolun Hao, Wenli Qi, Zhenxing Wang, Muran Zhou, Nengqiang Guo
    TLDR Topical prostaglandin analogs may help with hair growth but more research is needed.
    The systematic review and meta-analysis evaluated the effectiveness of topical prostaglandin analogs (Bimatoprost, Latanoprost, and Cetirizine) for hair loss treatment across six randomized controlled trials involving 683 patients. The results indicated that all test groups experienced more hair growth in terms of length or density than the control group, with one trial showing a 39.1% increase compared to a 35.6% increase in the control group. The study also found a correlation between dose and effect size, with the 1.0 mL group showing the largest effect size. Adverse reactions were slightly more common with prostaglandin analogs than with a placebo, but were within an acceptable range. The study concluded that while topical prostaglandin analogs show potential for hair loss treatment, further research is needed due to the small number of patients in the studies.
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